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About Us

ALZOO products are manufactured in France by AB7 in a GMP facility with on-site specialists including staff Veterinarians, Pharmacists and Entomologists.


About Alzoo

As a leading provider of holistic pet products for over three decades, we take pride in being able to offer ALZOO, the only natural flea & tick line laboratory-tested and proven effective to repel pests, on your pet and in your home. 

AB7's Polymer & Plastics Specialist spent 3 years developing its unique polymer-based diffusing COLLARS for dogs and cats that delivers all natural and continuous protection for months.  ALZOO provides effective protection.  No harmful chemicals!

Unlike conventional lines, ALZOO COLLARS and SPOT-ON may be used together on pets that experience frequent or higher levels of exposure to pests.  Use either the COLLAR or SPOT-ON on pets with less frequent exposure to fleas & ticks.

Going for a weekend hike and want extra protection for your dog?  Use the REPELLENT SPRAY -- it lasts for up to a week so it's an absolutely perfect solution for a day hike or weekend adventure.  ALZOO REPELLENT POWDER is designed for cats and pets that don't tolerate shampoos.  For dogs, ALZOO Shampoo is a perfect year-round shampoo while also ideal for flea & tick protection for up to one week.

COLLARS come in 3 sizes for dogs and 1 for cats.  They constantly diffuse the Active Ingredients (natural plant-based repellents) for up to 4 months and last 3 years unopened in package. The SPOT-ON is applied monthly between the shoulder blades, 3 tubes per package.  Small dogs = 1/2 tube, Medium = 1 tube, Large dogs = 1 1/2 tubes. Complete directions for use are on all ALZOO boxes.

Why use risky synthetic chemical collars or spot-ons when natural alternatives are available?  In 2008 over 40,000 incidents were reported involving usage of synthetic chemical insecticides on pets. Why take a chance?  ALZOO is an excellent alternative and it's more affordable!