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New Calming Line and Tick Remover
Alzoo is excited to introduce this year a brand new natural based calming line and an all-in-on user-friendly tick remover. See more here Read More...
Open Houses in 2018
Alzoo is looking forward to seeing all of its independent pet store customers at all of the Open Houses across the country for the coming year. Our... Read More...
SuperZoo 2018
Alzoo will be at the 2018 SuperZoo Pet Show in MANDALAY BAY, LAS VEGAS, NV, USA in June 26-28, 2018 We are looking forward to seeing you there and... Read More...
US Manufacturing plant
The US manufacturing plant is coming along!! Come and see us at Global Pet Expo and we will show you pictures. Read More...

ALZOO has a complete range of health care and cosmetics products for your pets. You will find the best products for their well-being.


All our products are PVC-free, Bisphenol-free, Phtalate-free and Synthetic pesticide-free

Our products contain no gluten and are manufactured in a gluten-free laboratory.




Before you snuggle ...

Flea & Tick Collars made with synthetic chemical insecticides may actually pose risks for both pet and household members.  Studies show the chemicals used in protecting our pets may affect our nervous systems, endocrine systems, and may be carcinogenic.  Some are in the process of being pulled from the market but others remain widely available.

Spot-On products made with synthetic chemical insecticides may compromise the wellbeing of the pet's home occupants.  Studies discuss the risk of accidental ingestion of insecticides when family members fail to wash their hands after petting.  Believe it or not, when a pet's fur is shed it becomes part of the household dust; that's how a synthetic chemical insecticide used in a Spot-On can then be inhaled by household occupants.

Looking for products safe for your pet, your famly, and our environment?  Just ask for ALZOO REPELLENT COLLARS and SPOT-ON products at your local pet store.  Take an all natural approach and create an ALZOO repellent zone in your home.  You'll spend less to protect a pet with ALZOO, too!
Used in thousands of households and available now at stores across the U.S.